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About MIM


Make It Move is an arts organization devoted to the exhibition and promotion of kinetic and interactive arts.


Body and Machine 2016 will be the second juried exhibition of kinetic and interactive work of artists living in the American Midwest. This exhibition will be held in April of 2016 at the Northrup King Building 3rd Floor Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


The exhibition will be composed of 25 to 30 artists selected by a three-person jury in late February of 2016.

Jurors & Staff

Jack F.X. Pavlik

Director, Co-founder, and Juror

Jack is the founding director of Make It Move. Jack has been a working artist in Minneapolis since the late 90s with numerous local and regional exhibitions. Along with his involvement in the local arts scene, he has also had exhibitions in London, Cologne, Dublin, and Helsinki. In 2009 Jack Pavlik was an exhibitor at the first Kinetica Art Fair in London, an international art fair devoted to kinetic art. In the summer of 2016 Jack will be in residence in Sculpture Space in Utica, New York.

Peng Wu

Co-founder, Multi-Media Artist

Peng works with a range of media across 2D and 3D physical objects and digital screens. Peng holds a BS degree in physics, a MA degree in Product Design, and a MFA degree in New Media Art. Since 2005 he has exhibited work in China, Hong Kong, France, and the U.S. A recent interest of his is to find the carpenter’s craftsmanship in coding and materiality in work for the digital screen.

Brad Jirka

Juror, Professor of Fine Arts

In addition to thirty years of teaching studio arts, Brad Jirka’s professional history includes working with the collaborative group Midwest Electric Art, cofounding the American School of Neon, and serving as vice president of design for St. Elmo’s Inc., an internationally recognized producer of creative lighting.

Bill Klaila


Bill Klaila graduated from the art school at Syracuse University in the early 1970s, and later received a graduate degree from the art school at the University of Texas at Austin. In the 1980s Bill worked as assistant to interactive sound artist Liz Phillips, whose work continues to be an influence.
Klaila seeks to create a new kind of landscape, where the viewer is capable of physically inhabiting the artwork – an entirely imaginary world but one that actually exists in real time and space. He wishes to blur the conventional distinction between the viewer – passive, detached – and the work of art being viewed, and to instead have these “separate” realities work upon or interact with one another.


We are very grateful for our sponsors, without their help Make It Move does not function. Our organization welcomes all inquiries regarding support of our work. Are you looking for the exposure that would come from a Northeast Minneapolis Arts organization? Please contact Jack Pavlik at

Get Involved!

We are currently looking for volunteers and interns to help with installation, to work as gallery attendants, and other activities. This is our second event; in the future we will be hosting workshops and other events, which will also be great opportunities to get involved. If you are interested in working as a intern or volunteer, or just getting on our mailing list please contact Jack Pavlik at: