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Body and
Machine 2016
Public Reception

April 2nd - 24th


April 2nd 7pm-10pm
Northrup king Building


“Art That



Visiting this exhibition stirred up some
really interesting questions for me: What
do we mean when we say “interactive”?

by Aaron Marx




Winner of the Biomorphic Prize
Samantha Leopold-Sullivan


Wind Travel


Winner of the Digital Prize
Brian Boldon


From A to Be


Winner of the Mechanic Prize
Danny Saatoff

Looking Back at Body and Machine 2015

Make It Move started as an idea in 2014, modeled on organizations such as Artbots and Kinetica Museum. Supported by a grant from the Joan Mitchell Foundation and private donations, the first juried exhibition Body and Machine was open to all artists living in the states of Iowa, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and Wisconsin. More than thirty works by visual and performing artists were presented in this showing of kinetic and interactive artwork. Held in the heart of the Northeast Arts District in the Northrup King Building Gallery, this exhibition attracted hundreds of visitors. From the opening night with Savage Aural Hotbed to the closing event with the dynamic work of Tim Fort, a broad spectrum of the public visited and enjoyed this exhibition.


Please see our video of Body and Machine below.

“Visiting this exhibition stirred up some really interesting questions for me: What do we mean when we say “interactive”? …What makes interaction successful? …What does the best of this work leave with a viewer - a thought, emotion, or theme? Finding ways to creatively engage the visitor in new and unexpected ways is the great potential of interactive and kinetic art.”

Review by Aaron Marx

Excerpt from

Call for Entry Application – Body and Machine 2016

This application process will consist of up to three work submissions and a short written statement. Resumes will be collected on a voluntary basis, but the sole qualification for acceptance into this exhibition will be the visual strength and concept of the work submitted for review.


As kinetic artist we acknowledge that many artist come from non-traditional artistic backgrounds, we are encouraging any and all creative individuals that make kinetic and interactive work to submit work to this exhibition. You can consider yourself a sculptor or engineer, student or professional, interactive designer or garage maniac. In any case you may have a home in this exhibition.


For more information on size, type of work, and other information please consult the Call for Entry listing. Entry Deadline: 03/05/16.


We are very grateful for our sponsors, without their help Make It Move does not function. Our organization welcomes all inquiries regarding support of our work. Are you looking for the exposure that would come from a Northeast Minneapolis Arts organization? Please contact Jack Pavlik at

About MIM

Make It Move is an arts organization devoted to the exhibition and promotion of kinetic and interactive arts.


Body and Machine 2016 will be the second juried exhibition of kinetic and interactive work of artists living in the American Midwest. This exhibition will be held in April of 2016 at the Northrup King Building 3rd Floor Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


The exhibition will be composed of 25 to 30 artists selected by a three-person jury in late February of 2016.

Get Involved!

We are currently looking for volunteers and interns to help with installation, to work as gallery attendants, and other activities. This is our first event; in the future we will be hosting workshops and other events, which will also be great opportunities to get involved. If you are interested in working as a intern or volunteer, or just getting on our mailing list please contact Jack Pavlik at:

Jurors & Staff

Jack F.X. Pavlik

Director, Co-founder, and Juror

Peng Wu

Co-founder, Multi-Media Artist

Brad Jirka

Juror, Professor of Fine Arts

Bill Klaila